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List A – Stephen Hawking – Quotes

  1. A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls… saying that it is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality. But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality?” — Stephen Hawking
  2. A zero-gravity flight is a first step toward space travel.” — Stephen Hawking
  3. According to ‘M’ theory, ours is not the only universe. Instead, ‘M’ theory predicts that a great many universes were created out of nothing.” — Stephen Hawking
  4. All my adult life people have been helping me.” — Stephen Hawking
  5. Although almost every theoretical physicist agrees with my prediction that a black hole should glow like a hot body, it would be very difficult to verify experimentally because the temperature of a macroscopic black hole is so low.” —Stephen Hawking
  6. Although September 11 was horrible, it didn’t threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do.” —Stephen Hawking
  7. Among physicists, I’m respected I hope.” — Stephen Hawking
  8. As a child, I wanted to know how things worked and to control them. With a friend, I built a number of complicated models that I could control.” — Stephen Hawking
  9. As Irving Good realised in 1965, machines with superhuman intelligence could repeatedly improve their design even further, triggering what Vernor Vinge called a ‘singularity.’” — Stephen Hawking
  10. As scientists, we step on the shoulders of science, building on the work that has come before us – aiming to inspire a new generation of young scientists to continue once we are gone.” — Stephen Hawking

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